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Korkers: K-5 Bomber

Being apart of the Korkers ambassador team I have had the
opportunity to be wearing the K-5 Bomber boots the past several months and I love them! Honestly best boot I’ve worn yet!

These boots are everything you want in a wading boot! I haven’t found a single flaw about them.


Heres what they feature:
Traction: OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System 
adapts your traction to any fishing condition. 

Support: 5-Ply Fit System locks foot in place for a 
comfortable and secure fit. 

Fit: Combination of friction-free rolling lace guides and 
locking lace cleat provide a customized bi-zonal fit. 

Fast Drying: Hydrophobic materials = faster dry times 
which lessen the chance of spreading invasive species. 

Internal Drainage: Water flows thru internal channels
then out midsole ports, removing excess water 
and weight. 

Durability: Enhanced midsole, triple layer synthetic 
upper, protected stitching, 3D molded toe and heel cap.


The ankle support is unbelievable! These boots have saved me more then one time on occasion from rolling an ankle or bashing your toes on rocks.  For added comfort go a size or two up with your stocking foot waders. If they are the same size as your regular foot you will find that there is some comfort issues with the stocking foot all pushed up to the front or rear of the boot.

The water also literally drains out of the boot when you leave the water, like you were never in the water.  In a way in my mind it feels like a normal light weight hiking boot again.

All the stitching on the boot is protected by being flush with the rubber on the outside of the boot. The laces are pretty robust, still haven’t started to fray but I am sure they will in the future. As all laces eventually do.

I also have to say if you have back problems or your feet tire out quickly from a few hour fishing trip these boots should diminish that. Before I used a low brand wading boot that didn’t last me a year. My feet hurt and my lower back gave me some issues. When I started using Korkers full time, the pain was literally gone. I am not saying this will help for everyone but it surely did for me.

After wearing these at least twice a week for the past 5-6 months I will never go back to wearing anything else when I am wading anything in water.

Get yours here! You won’t be disappointed.

Korkers K-5 Bomber

If you live in Southern Ontario, Canada the following shops carry Korkers.

Natural Sports

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